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Fibre broadband 15x faster

fibre upgrade

– How fast do you want your broadband to go?
– How much data do you use?
– What’s the best router?
– Are you secure ?

Just completed a fibre broadband upgrade for a growing customer with mobile staff and VPN requirements. Their old ADSL broadband was 3.9Mbps download and 1.1Mbps upload … slow! BT finally got around to providing fibre at the street cabinet two week ago and the office broadband upgrade went live yesterday …. 71Mbps down and 16Mbps up! So thats 15-18x faster, can’t wait to see the reaction in the office.

But more importantly – the reaction of the staff working from home. The connection will fly now.


Windows 10 incoming, free upgrades

Windows 10MS news just broke this morning that Windows 10 will arrive on 29 July 2015. Free upgrades for Windows 7 and 8.1 will be available for the first 12 months only – make sure you get in touch promptly to see if you’re eligible and plan the upgrade. This could be a great time to standardise all the PCs on the latest version of Windows. The free upgrade will be available on tablets and phones too.

May you live in interesting times!

Server files on an iPad

By adding a VPN connection to your office broadband and the SMB File Browser or FileExplorer apps on your iPad (other tablets are available), you can have quick remote access to files on the office server. Even with slow office broadband and a 3G connection, its surprisingly quick to load that spreadsheet or Word doc direct from the server.

45s online mistake costs $8bn

twitter-failJust reading the background to the leak about Twitter’s Q1 results being poor. Results are normally released after the market closes to give traders a chance before they make a knee-jerk reaction and start selling shares. However the Twitter results were released online early – but only for 45 seconds. Unfortunately for Twitter a tech savvy company called Selerity had already spotted the update and grabbed it, notifying their investors.

The lesson here (and its a hard lesson) – once its on the internet, you’ve lost control of it already. So think twice about what you post.

Passwords on a noticeboard ?

Passwords on a noticeboard?Just reading the breaking news about the French TV station that got hacked by ISIS and taken off air for several hours – turns out it may have been caused by passwords visible on TV during an in-house interview!

Lesson to be learned there – how many of your passwords or logins are visible to visitors, couriers, customers, cleaning staff, etc ?


From the trending Twitter hashtag #advicein4words – Don’t open the attachment !

Faster Invoicing

An association with a membership of several hundred mentioned they were invoicing memberships fees manually. It was taking days to complete, was prone to typos and costing postage. We setup a new system using their existing Word, Excel and Outlook so they could automatically generate a standard invoice from members’ details charges and email out directly.

It only took a couple of hours to setup;

  • has saved days of time
  • has saved £100’s in postage, stationery
  • is much more accurate

Faster invoicing means better cashflow – sometimes its just about getting the basics right.

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