Get Connected

what happens when the lights go out?

Imagine your business is offline – no email, no internet, no database, no sales, no enquiries – that gets the adrenaline going every time! It doesn’t seem long since the idea of broadband speed internet in every office and home was a luxury. Never mind free WiFi wherever you went. Or what about a mobile phone that could download a 500MB monthly data allowance in under 5 mins. It’ll never happen!!

The technology for connecting to the internet is changing every year, speeds increasing all the time, now its an essential utility. Most companies would tell us that the company database or accounts or sales ordering is their most important system – but the one we always get called about first, is the email or the internet being down.

quote-speedThat is why your internet connection is so important, its not just a case of making sure its connected, but that its connected all the time, reliably. With all the options from basic ADSL broadband to fibre or leased line, wireless or satellite, 3G or 4G. And, there are good suppliers and bad suppliers. That’s where we come in, get in touch and we’ll test your existing line and see what options there are to improve speed and reliability.

What if you use a cloud based, internet system too, some sort of hosted application in a data centre somewhere (we’re talking about a key system that runs your business or maybe Hosted Exchange email) ? If your connection goes down you can’t access the system – you need a Plan B, in place, ready to go. That means a second connection on standby, not necessarily active all the time. Keep in mind that if the fault is at the local exchange it may mean that a second ADSL line would be affected too, so using alternate technology for the backup line can be a wise choice. There are also some cheap options for backup lines, so we’ll help you make it as cost-effective as possible.

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