One of the hottest, most important questions in IT – how good is your security?

Minimise your risk

Minimise your risk

Security isn’t just a case of choosing a better password, using a firewall, renewing the antivirus – we think its about looking at the risk vs cost. You could spend a lot of money on expensive computer protection, but we take the approach of looking at the risks your business is facing and then managing the spend appropriately. You can protect against a lot of problems for a minimal cost.

Some of the topics to look at are Antivirus, Backups, Staff awareness, PCI/credit card scans, Updates, Junk email filtering, sensitive files on laptops that needs encrypting. All our monthly support contracts include a regular PCI scan – its a simple, effective way to see how the rest of the internet views your connection. Security issues can then be identified and closed down to prevent hackers attempting to break in.

What happens when someone types a wrong password in – or types a wrong password 10 or 20 times. That’s the behaviour of someone trying to guess a password to gain access. If you don’t flag the password failure and follow-up, they’re going to keep trying to guess and eventually they will find a working password. Our monitoring will identify that issue, helping us to keep your computers secure.

Crypto viruses have increased the stakes significantly, taking a much more aggressive approach than typical stealthy viruses. They password protect all your documents, requesting a £500 ransom to decode them again. It can stop your business functioning instantly – that’s where a good backup counts.

Has your SSL security been increased to TLS? All servers and PCs patched? Databases upgraded? What connections are allowed into your broadband? Is the broadband monitored for unusual patterns – eg 100% use, high number of outgoing emails?

Our free IT Network Audit includes security checks – get in touch, book an appointment, let us look at your security and give you some peace of mind.

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