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The easy answer is, we sort your IT, so you don’t have to. There’s a long answer too, but it involves lots of techie talk and acronyms – and we only found three people who were actually interested in that one. We will always explain the techie bits in easy to understand English, just ask us to explain if its not making sense. Its in both our interests that you understand what we do, that way the IT works best for both of us and you get the service you need.

There are some key services that we find customers are always interested in, have a look at the What We Do menu above (its not exhaustive). IT is a huge field now with a range of technology that’s regularly changing. We love technology and are always evaluating new ideas, equipment, services online and offline, meeting suppliers and looking for the best way to do business. A lot of our customers find that we’re a really good first point of contact about anything techie, whether its the obvious computer areas or related fields such as CCTV, copiers, telephones, mobiles, tracking – so don’t worry if you can’t find something on here, give us a call and ask.

Oh and the three people mentioned above … Adrian, Gary and Sam.

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