Working from home

We’ve got plenty of customers asking how to work from home, access their office computer and network. There are different way of solving this depending upon what you need to work on remotely. Do you need:
– server shared files
– specific applications like Sage, accounts
– communications with other staff ?

We need to consider your computer security, especially when opening up connections from the internet. Connecting to the office via a VPN first will improve the security and protect your files better.

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) or Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is another method for increasing the security when connecting from the internet.

Taking control of your office computer from home or via a tablet or laptop ensures you can work exactly as you do at the office. Clients have been pleasantly surprised at how well this works, even on a slower internet connection.

Some of these solutions only take a short time to implement, but make sure your security isn’t compromised. Plan ahead so that they are enabled in case you get last minute notice to stay at home or not to enter the office.

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