The best business-to-business networking

I’ve been out of breakfast networking for a little while – recovering from BNI burnout! I finally decided last month it was time to get back out there and see what was new, what had changed, who was networking. I headed round a few events met some interesting people, had a few early morning flashbacks and some boring meetings – the ones where you wonder how any business ever gets done.

Lets Do Business

Then I got an invite to an independent business networking meeting at Dantes, between Chorley and Preston, and I was really impressed – good bunch of helpful, friendly people, some great contacts, business referrals being done every week, social events, proper breakfast. More importantly they seemed to have worked out a good balance between some rules to make the meeting run and create new business opportunities, some excellent business support sessions, all without being too militant. Very refreshing.

Come and visit.

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