Improve your broadband and wireless speed

Ofcom have just put out a useful article about improving your broadband speed. One of the not so obvious tips hidden away in there, is to raise the height of your broadband router or wireless box. We’ve found at times that this will make a massive difference on wireless range.

speedOne specific location we looked at couldn’t even receive wifi in the adjacent rooms, until we spotted that the internet box (one of the BT hub models) was on the floor behind a set of drawers in the furthest corner We relocated it onto a shelf, 2m higher and the wireless speed improved and the range extended out to all the adjacent rooms.

We’ve moved other routers up much higher and had similar success. Sometimes there are cheap, quick solutions and you don’t need expensive equipment upgrades. However wireless is one of those unpredictable technologies that you often need to check properly in situ, we have a selection of equipment that can be loaned out for testing purposes.

Practical tips for improving your broadband speed

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