Windows 10 upgrade tips


With the Microsoft free upgrade offer for Windows 10 finishing in a few weeks, we’re seeing a lot of planned upgrade work for local businesses. Its better to plan the upgrade rather than rush straight in. Out list of tips will help ensure a more successful first-time upgrade.

  • Check your key applications don’t have any known problems with Windows 10, eg Sage, ACT
  • Upgrade to the latest drivers, especially for BIOS, video and network. We’ve seen plenty of old versions cause the upgrade to fail
  • Upgrade your antivirus to the latest version (not just the definitions). Run a Malwarebytes scan
  • Do a backup!
  • Don’t start the upgrade 10 minutes before a 9am conference (yes we did get that phone call !)
  • Once the upgrade has completed, check everything loads ok. Test your printers and scanners, we see quite a few that need a re-install.
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