Smarter email handling

There’s a lot you can do with Outlook email, whether its on your own server or Hosted Exchange like Office 365. (We can provide several flavours of both.)


It doesn’t have to be the simple option of one mailbox and one email address. You can add multiple email addresses to one copy of Outlook. Then add some rules to change how they process. For instance you might be responsible for emails sent to info@yourcompany and sales@yourcompany. For some of our clients we setup ‘info’ and ‘sales’ so that emails go into separate folders. Its still the same Outlook account, but it makes it a lot easier to process, plus you can identify priorities better, eg sales are a lot more important than info enquiries!

But why not flip that round, have a mailbox with one email address and multiple people, eg admin@ for processing the administration and then let all the admin team have access to it. As its one mailbox they can easily see which enquiries have been processed and which are outstanding. Maybe add a bit of colour coding to show enquiry status.

If you have a brochure request form on your website, send the request through to one of these accounts but route it into a subfolder. That way it can be left until later in the day or when someone has time, aiming to post the brochure requests all in one go just before the post is collected.

Outlook is about a lot more than just receiving emails, make sure its working efficiently for you.

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