Outlook for Android new feature – Add Contact !

When I first switched to Android I couldn’t believe that the shiny Outlook app, which seemed pretty comprehensive and slick wasn’t actually able to add new contacts.  Seemed a crazy omission. To make matters worse the Huawei P9 wasn’t able to sync new contacts to the Office 365 account either. They appeared to save but didn’t actually appear in the list. So no new contacts from my phone, which is probably when you need that feature the most.

Anyway fast forward to 21 Aug 2017 and Outlook just updated to version 2.2.5 (221) mainline. I’ve never been so excited to see a little blue circular cross in the corner of the Contacts screen. My mobile life is transformed. New contacts, out and about, at last. Back to the future!

Here’s the link to the Outlook app.

PS Apple updated a short while ago with this feature


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