Common Passwords, Popular PINs

top 20 PIN numbersFollowing on from our re-tweeted ‘Do Not Use These Passwords’ list, we now bring you the most popular 4 digit PIN codes list.

DO NOT USE any of the entries on either of these lists, they’re so popular that its the first thing someone will guess at, to break into your account.

In fact looking at the percentages of how popular these are (eg 1234 is used 10% of the time!), we can work out how successful they will be at unlocking an iPhone.

You get 10 attempts at unlocking an iPhone, so using the top 10 PINs listed you’d be able to unlock every 5th iPhone you tried, on average.

That assumes the iPhone is locked with a 4 digit code – now that’s a great hint to immediately move to 6 digits, or better still characters, for your lock code … but whatever you do, don’t choose 123456 or 111111 !

Thanks to DataGenetics for the initial analysis, there’s a lot more detail in their blog.

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